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sunglasses for women’s

Sunglasses for Women's

Sunglasses for Women’s

With the scorching sun right above our head, sunglasses are our saviours from the harmful UV rays. They not only protect us from excessive heat but serve as a fashion accessory too. In today’s era, sunglasses have become an essential part of our outfits and fashion, majorly popularised by Hollywood celebrities. Sunglasses have their own industry and well settled brands who’ve been producing n number of shapes and sizes of sunglasses for men, women and different face shapes. Let us get into the world of sunglasses designed specifically for women and what suits best for what face shape.  

  • Cat – eye sunglasses for women

    – It’s 2024 and the crisp cat eye sunnies are in fashion, being as evergreen as ever; they cater to women’s beauty and facial needs. These glasses date back to 1920’s and have been modernised throughout these years. These sunglasses have a chic and casual touch to them which makes them stand out in the outfit. They are your perfect pairs on a Sunday brunch when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining high in the sky. The best part about them is that you can style them effortlessly. These sunglasses suit best on women with heart, diamond, oblong, square and rectangular face shape. Our “Flower” cat eye sunglasses are a perfect choice for summers with floral print on the frame and purple coloured shades, an effortless and easy look you can create with these for your next outing.

sunglasses for women's

  • Oversized sunglasses sunglasses for women – 

    With the oversized fashion going around wearing baggy jeans, oversized graphic tees, you shouldn’t forget to carry  oversized glasses. They are a new rage in the market and works well for people who want to create a statement in their look. These glasses were first introduced in the early 1960s . The round shaped oversized glasses are basic yet popular as they are versatile and go with every occasion. In 2024, oversized sunglasses with tinted glasses are becoming quite popular. These sunglasses look good on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.


  • Round Sunglasses sunglasses for women

    These evergreen shapes of sunglasses have been since the very beginning and have never failed to impress us with their casual yet stylish look. The comeback of these glasses in 2024 suggests that this year’s fashion is going to be vintage and retro. These sunglasses were a signature look of Mahatma Gandhi from India and the Hollywood singer John Lenon. The classic black sunglasses have a retro touch to them  and pairs perfectly both with casual and formal attires. Our “Ice”  round shaped sunglasses are perfect for casual outing, these purple coloured are fun and easy to style which you can choose without giving much thought.

sunglasses for women's 

  • Aviator sunglasses for women

    We’re revisiting fashion by bringing back the Aviator glasses in 2024.  Every person at least owns a pair of aviator sunglasses as they are a timeless design remaining on top despite of evolving eyewear trends. The aviator sunglasses were initially created for pilots to help them in flying planes, hence the name aviator. The first tear shaped aviator was created in 1936, during World War II. The aviator sunglasses are associated with America and are considered vital in fashion. These sunglasses fits well with every face shape making it a first class choice for it’s versatility. Our “Jacky” sunglasses fits perfectly in this description and can be your top choice for accessories this year.


  • Geometric Sunglasses for women

    – These glasses are synonyms for the words quirky and fun. These sunnies are made in the form of geometric shapes. They are perfect for modern and corporate office look with structured frames and clean style. Geometric sunglasses works best with formal outfits and can be brought to work. There are several geometric shaped sunglasses available in the market such as hexagonal, triangular, pentagonal, trapezoidal etc. As these glasses have an angular shape, they go well with round, oval and heart face shapes. Our “Delta” sunnies can help you create your next statement office look.


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