Sunglasses 4 Everyone

Sunglasses 4 Everyone

The sun is lingering on top of our head and we must need toprotect ourselves from the harmful UV rays. Sunglasses act as a cover for our eyes, to protect it from harmful rays of the sun and other potential harmful substances such as dust, wind etc.

The history of sunglasses dates back to the 13th century when the Inuit made snow goggles made of caribou ivory.

The first sunglasses trace their origin from 12th century China, which were made by flat panes of quartz and were given the name of Ai tai (dark clouds). In 1752, experiments with tinted lenses in connection with sunglasses were taking place, initiated by James Ayscough. In 1899, possibly the first sunglasses were produced by Rodenstock Gmbh, especially to protect the eyes from the UV rays.

There are various term used for ‘sunglasses’ across the globe

  1.  Shades – used in North American
  2.  Glares-popular inIndia
  3. Spekkies- used predominantly in south Australia
  4. Glecks -Scottish slang
  5. Sunglass – a monocle version

Sunglasses trends since 90s till 2024

90s-small oval shaped glasses, along with hip-hop glasses were in trend.

  • 2000’s- we witnessed the hype of y2k style in this time frame, bold colours, unique shaped and metallic frames for sunglasses were in fashion.
  • 2010’s- aviators could be seen every where, oversized shape and animal prints frame.
  • 2015’s- mirrored and colored lenses were popular.
  • 2023 – we saw round framed glasses getting trendy.
  • 2024 – the classic cat eye shape glasses are making are entry in this year.
  • There are multiple types of sunglasses, according to its shape and style

1).Aviators- these glasses were initially made for pilots. The characteristic of these glasses is it’s teardrop shaped lenses.

2).Round framed- these glasses along with oval shaped glasses were popularized by music icon John Lenon in the 60s.

3).Cat-eye shaped- invented in the 1930s by anAmerican sculptor Altina Schinasi, earlier called as Harlequin frame, were popular among women with beehive hairstyle.

4) Square shaped-the 70s was famous for oversized sunglasses both in men and women. Elton John, a British singer and pianist used to wear these glasses.
5) Eyeshades – in 1984, Oakley introduced Eyeshades’, designed specifically for cycling.

Standards for sunglasses –

The international standard for sunglasses is ISO 12312.

Special uses of Sunglasses

Sunglasses, throughout these years have been joined to various uses. Some common uses that we all know about ate protecting eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun, helps in visual clarity by protecting the eyes from glare.

Nevertheless, sunglasses are used for some special purpose as well

Driving- while driving on road the light from the sun and other vehicles can create a distortion, where the glasses come handy by protecting against these glares.

Piloting- the criteria for the sunglasses while aircraft piloting is similar to that of land vehicle driving. Protection against UV radiations is more important as it increases with the altitude.

Sports -In water sports, so called water eyewear are used in turbulent water such as while surfing or in white water. There should be a way in the glasses to eliminate fogging.

Space-special protection is required for space travellers because the rays are much more harmful and intense than our earth. Fun fact- the first sunglasses used in moon landing were the original pilot sunglasses made by American Optical.


Sunglasses have come a long way from the 13″ century to the 21 century. They have become a statement piece in any outfit which can elevate the whole look. People have become more conscious about the right sunglasses according to their face shape and size. Sunglass were, are and will be an important part of our daily life.

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