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Square Frame Glasses from $39.99

square frame glasses

Square Frame Glasses are no longer just an old school accessory to correct vision impairment. With all the different choices of eye frames available today, square glasses have become a fashion accessory that can complete any look or even make a bold and classy style statement. One mortal and classy option to consider is “Square Frame Glasses“.

What makes square frames glasses stand out as compare to other eyewear styles is their square shape and sharp lines. Not like the soft curves of cat-eye shapes glasses, square shape glasses have a little geometric style that looks modern and quirky. They also gives off a hint of smart and professional vibe, which is why they remain popular in not only business but casual attire.

Square Frames Glasses Benefits

Square frames glasses are extremely versatile for matching different face shapes. Their straight lines help balance out rounder faces, while accentuating the natural angles on diamond or oval faces. Basically, they tend to look great on anyone if you find the right fit.

This also makes them ideal for professional settings. Their classic shape offers sophistication without being stuffy. You’ll see square frames on politicians, newscasters, teachers, lawyers, and all sorts of businesspeople who want to project confidence and credibility.

In addition, square frames glasses are timeless. While cat eyes and aviators have come in and out of fashion, simple straight lines remain perennial. There is less risk of square frame glasses looking dated. You can hold onto them as staple pieces that coordinate reliably with dress shirts and suits year after year.

The Latest Styles in Square Frame Glasses

While black, brown and silver colour frames may come to mind first when picturing square frame glasses, there are many more funky and classic options available at Here are some of the hottest looks:

Thick Frames – Thicker, bolder frames put more emphasis on the straight lines and 90-degree angles of the shape for a statement look. They grab attention and show you have a strong sense of personal style.

Clear Frames – See-through frames have a minimalist vibe to them while accentuating you. This ephemeral look taps into contemporary trends of loud prints and textures by letting an outfit shine through unimpeded.

Two-Toned – Two-toned frames offer contrast with tan and black or grey and azure colours split on the top and bottom halves. It breaks up the straight lines for visual interest while maintaining the overall square silhouette.

Mixed Materials – Mixing metals, plastics, and even leather brings new textures into the equation. You might have sleek metallic temples contrasting with matte plastic framing on the lenses. The materials interplay while working together to form a cohesive square shape.

Need Help Finding Your Perfect Pair?

With some helpful tips, you can easily shop for square frame glasses that will have you looking sharp. Here is what to keep in mind:

Measure Your Face – Figuring out your face measurements will guide you to frames suited for your proportions. Pay attention to distance across the temples and from eyebrows to chin for the best fit.

Match Bridge Size – The bridge width on frames should match up with your nose bridge for balanced resting position. Too narrow or wide means uneven weight distribution causing slippage.

Find Appropriate Lens Size – Larger more rectangular lenses will emphasise the straight lines or square frames more than narrow small lenses. Consider proportions relative to your face shape.

Style for Your Purpose – Daily wear frames do not need to match up exactly with prescription glasses styled specifically for intense reading or computer use. Cater your square frame glasses to their intended activities.

With square frames glasses offering such flexible styling and functionality, you are sure to find a pair that feels made just for you. They pull any look together whether dressed up or going casual. If you have not already tried out square shape glasses, be sure to at some point – they might just become your new signature style!

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square frame glasses

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