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Prescription Sunglasses for Men

Prescription Sunglasses for Men papaglasses

Prescription Sunglasses for Men

Prescription sunglasses are simple sunglasses with prescription lens for treating various vision condition along with protecting the eyes from UV rays. One can combine prescribed lens with usual sunglasses for better protection and correct vision. Sunglasses with prescription will hit two targets with one arrow : it will correct vision issue and it will protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Prescription Sunglasses for Men A Fashion Statement

Sunglasses are a fashion statement and a necessity during summers when the sun is right above our head. Sunglasses can elevate an outfit easily and effortlessly. Various styles and shapes of sunglasses are now available in the market for different occasions, outfits  and face shape. Choosing right  sunglasses according to your face shape is a task nowadays with numbers of options available around.

We’re here to solve this confusion and show you what you need the most for your specific needs.

  • Convict – One cannot go wrong with aviator Prescription Sunglasses for Men. These are evergreen shape of sunglasses for men, makes a perfect pair for your casual outings. The full metal rim construction offers durability and the black shades with touch of gold are a classic choice combination . The major advantage of aviator glasses is that they are suitable for all face shapes be it oval, round, heart or  We have named our aviator sunglasses for men as ‘convict’ available at an affordable price of $39.99.
  • Rocky – This Prescription Sunglasses for Men, shape have been around us from a long time but they never seem to go out of style. They have paved way for men’s fashion while looking good on diamond, heart and oblong face shapes. They are your perfect partner in causal outgoings. These round shaped “Rocky” sunglasses offer a classic look having blue and silver hues with durable acetate full rim construction. These are available in three different colours, blue and silver, dark green and dark grey and dark purple and dark grey. These can be your next add on in your collection of accessories, now below $40.00.
  • Quirky – These square shaped Prescription Sunglasses for Men work for wife range of face shape like square, oval, round, triangular and oblong. They are an elegant design with metal full rim construction making them durable and perfect for everyday use. These glasses have adjustable nose pads which is a major highlight of this product. They are perfect for casual as well as formal outings as they provide a sophisticated look and feel. These shades are of dual colours making them fun and ‘quirky’ as the name suggests. The colour combos are bloody orange and black, dark blue and black, red and blue and red wine and black . These Prescription Sunglasses for Men protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays in a stylish way, now available at an affordable price of $39.99.
  • Papi – another square shaped Prescription Sunglasses for Men which are a must because these glasses offer a stylish look while being practical. The full metal rim construction provides durability and longevity. These are unisex sunglasses making them a perfect choice for both the genders of any age group. They will instantly make you feel confident and stylish. Another feature of these glasses is their UV rays protection which is a must in this season. Adjustable nose pads make them comfortable and customisable according to your needs. These shades come in different colours brown and gold, dark green and gold and violet and silver. They reflect maturity and classiness which will make the heads turn. These Prescription Sunglasses for Men are now available at an affordable price of $39.99.


Papaglasses  provide a number of Prescription Glasses at affordable rates with all types of lens options for your need.


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