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Importance of Prescription Glasses & 3 reasons why

Importance of Prescription Glasses

Importance of Prescription Glasses


With advanced technology and science advancement, most of our time is spent on computers and mobile phones for our work purposes as well as for private matters. Computers have replaced registers in offices and have increased the burden on our eyes. We’re now able to work remotely online across the world through our mobiles and laptops but this advantage has brought a heavy toll on our physical health, primarily on our eyes which are constantly fixed on the screens of these gadgets. Harmful blue rays are omitted by these gadgets which ruins our eyesight by making the vision weaker and promoting constant headaches and that’s makes us write about the importance of prescription glasses.

People with weak eyesight have difficulty in vision which leads to headaches because of the stress on the eyes and this  issue is faced by people of every age group. Generally, after 40 years of age our eyesight tend to deteriorate but this is a natural ageing process. Young kids too are suffering from weak eyesight due to long time engagement with mobiles and desktops.

You must be having this question in your mind “what’s the solution for poor eyesight” right?

As a solution, Prescription Glasses are recommended because their lenses have been made specifically to overcome the difficulty in vision of the wearer.

Importance of Prescription Glasses
Importance of Prescription Glasses

What are Importance Prescription Glasses?

These glasses are made for specific eye condition, for people of all age groups. They deal with refractive errors like hyperopia(farsightedness), myopia(nearsightedness) and presbyopia(ageing eyesight). Before prescribing glasses, an eye exam is conducted to know the defect in each eye and what type of glasses or prescription is required to get their vision back to normal.

Prescription is a set of details which includes lens power, lens type and any extra coating required on the lens for protection against Blue rays or UV rays. Prescription glasses are very durable as they’re made of high quality materials to withstand the everyday wear and tear. As these glasses are of good quality and  expertise is used in the prescription, they tend to be a bit costly. A person with any kind of vision impairment is required to have a set of Prescription Glasses.

Test for prescription glasses

Before getting prescription eyeglasses, you need to undergo few eye tests conducted by an eye specialist, an optometrist or ophthalmologist. They will check if you have 20/20 vision i.e your vision acuity is normal.

Lens used in Prescription Glasses

Different type of lens are used in prescription glasses such as 1) single vision lens, 2) bifocal lens, 3) trifocal lens, 4) multifocal lens and 5) progressive lens.

Benefits & Importance of Prescription Glasses

  • Importance of Prescription Glasses ;Vision clarity – the most common reason for wearing or  prescription glasses is having refractive errors and vision loss. Prescription glasses are specifically designed to treat such problems and help you see clearly. They are a hygienic choice as they are not in close contact with your eyes, reducing the chances of infection.
  • Importance of Prescription Glasses ; Protection from UV rays – Any type of Prescription Glasses will save you from harmful UV rays, irrespective of their use. UV rays can cause eyelid cancer, cataracts and macular degeneration, and our eyes are a sensitive organ which needs to be protected from these damages. The skin surrounding the eyes is soft and delicate and another importance prescription glasses do their job well in protection the skin from sunburn and premature ageing when exposed to UV rays.
  • Various lens options – there are different types of sunglasses according to your preferences. Photochromic lens adjust according to the intensity of sunlight they directly catch. Scratch resistant lens prevents any damage if your drop your glasses. Polycarbonate lens are best for active lifestyle as they do not break easily.

Papaglasses  provide a number of Prescription Glasses at affordable rates with all types of lens options for your need.

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Importance of prescription glasses
Importance of prescription glasses

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