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Anti Smudge Eyeglasses Under $50

Anti Smudge Eyeglasses

Anti Smudge Eyeglasses Under $50

Increased use of mobile phones and screen time have caused damage to our eyes and vision. The rays reflected from screen surface are called Blue rays which are notorious for retinal damage and vision problems. Young children and teenagers are highly affected from these rays and are suffering from pre mature eye ageing.

Prescription Glasses Anti Smudge Eyeglasses are now the talk of the town due to their advantages and usefulness in gaining vision clarity. These glasses are prescribed with certain lens type and power based on an eye test, disclosing the problem in the vision of the patient.

Various lens options are available in the market today, made for specific needs of the consumers. However, for daily life’s wear and tear, the demand for anti smudge lenses or Oleophobic lenses has skyrocketed. These are specifically designed to prevent the glasses from breaking, fogging up and preventing dust to sit on them, in turn making them durable. These lenses are a perfect choice for everyday prescription glasses.

Let’s first understand

What Are Oleophobic Lenses/ Anti Smudge Eyeglasses

Anti Smudge Eyeglasses prescription lenses are designed to prevent dust, smudges, fingerprint marks and many others which can accumulate on glasses over time. These lenses are coated with a special layer that repels oil and water. They can be made of many different materials, like polycarbonate and high index plastic, making them customisable. These are fibre lenses which are suited for prescription glasses as they are thinner and lightweight, made up of high index plastic than the traditional glass lenses. Fibre lenses are used to create glasses for specific eye conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Hydrophobic lenses

These lenses have a special coating that repels water which prevents the water from sitting on and fogging the lenses, making it easier to clean. These lenses are best suited to people living in rainy or humid environment, as well as for those who engage in water related activities.

Benefits of Anti-smudge Eyeglasses

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and high quality
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Cost effective
  • No fear of scratches or smudges on the lens

 Dust Resistant

Anti smudge or dust resistant prescription glasses repels dust and makes the vision clear. These glasses are ideal for people who work in a dusty environment or do outdoor activities, it can save time as it requires less cleaning and will resist scratches outdoors.

UV Protection

Harmful UV rays omitted from the sun causes hazardous damage to your eyes when exposed to sunlight.  Prescription Glasses can provide additional protection from UV rays due to an extra coating on the lenses. UV rays causes cataracts, macular degeneration and temporary vision loss in the long term. UV rays prescription lenses can effectively protect the eyes and maintain eye health.

Blue and Green Coating

Blue and green coating prescription glasses have a layer of special coating which prevents certain wavelength of light, such as blue rays or green rays. These lights are emitted from digital screens and can cause eye strain and headaches. This coating can reduce eye strain and eye fatigue causes due to prolong use of digital gadgets.

In Conclusion, Anti-smudge eyeglasses, also called oleophobic lenses, are designed to repel oil, water, and dust. They offer benefits like easy cleaning, durability, and UV protection. These glasses are ideal for daily use and can reduce eye strain from digital screens. PapaGlasses offers affordable anti-smudge prescription lenses starting at $15.99, providing a cost-effective solution for improved vision clarity and eye protection.

Papaglasses provide a wide range of Prescription Glasses with an option of anti smudge lenses at an affordable price of  $15.99. More details about anti smudge glasses is available on our website https://papaglasses.Com

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Anti Smudge Eyeglasses
Anti Smudge Eyeglasses




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