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Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses

Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses

Australia’s Favourite Eyewear Store PapaGlasses

If you’re in search of a top-notch eyewear store in Australia, look no further than PapaGlasses. This renowned retailer offers a vast selection of stylish and high-quality glasses, sunglasses, and frames to suit every taste and budget. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, PapaGlasses provides a seamless shopping experience, both in-store and online. Their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you in finding the perfect pair that complements your face shape and personal style. From classic designs to trendy frames, PapaGlasses has something for everyone. Visit one of their conveniently located stores or explore their user-friendly website to elevate your eyewear game today!

A little About Eyewear Store in Australia -Papaglasses

Founded in 2022, our little business is striving to make a change in the world. Initiated by a group of friends who are knowledgeable individuals of respective subjects, we’ve put our time and efforts in building and expanding our company throughout the world by making it available online. As online marketing is now a thing accessible to people in every nook and corner of this world, we are stepping forward in the field of spectacles and eyewear.

Our mission is to produce high quality prescription glasses at affordable rates so not a single soul in the world fails to capture the beauty around them.

Our eyes are one of the main organs which possesses the light through which we can perceive the world we live in. We have made this our duty to protect that light from diminishing and provide people with glasses which will work as a tool for capturing pictures with their eyes and storing them in the box of their mind, to cherish those memories forever.

The services we provide serve a range of people dealing with different matters regarding their eyes and vision. There are  different types of lenses to cater to different problems, such as –

  1. Photochromic lenses – an optical lens which darkens in shade when exposed to light of high frequency, commonly ultraviolet (UV) rays. They revert back to their transparent state in the absence of activating light. The main purpose of this lens is to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays. On our website these lenses are available at an affordable price of $15.99.
  2. Oleophobic lenses – also known as anti smudge lenses. These create an oil resistant, anti – fingerprint surface and prevents the glasses from fogging up which helps them to stay clean much longer that normal lenses. They are an extra layer added on the lenses which protect them from scratches, smudges, oil and dirt. On our website these lenses are available at an affordable price of $15.99.
  3. Progressive lenses – also called multifocal lens as they have three zones in one pair of glasses for close, intermediate and distance vision. These are best for people who are unable to read up close and have a blurry vision of objects in a distance. The power of the lenses merge which makes it progressive, this change of power does not happen abruptly. On our website these lenses are available at an affordable price of $39.99.
  4. Bifocal lenses- provide two different lens power, making them suitable for both short and long distance vision. These two visions are divided by a line which sits horizontally across the lens. The portion above the line is used for distant vision while the lower portion is used for closer vision. People in their 40s suffer from presbyopia and bifocal lens comes in handy in this case. On our website these lenses are available at an affordable price of $24.99.
  5. Blue cut lenses – have a special coating which reflects harmful blue light. Blue light are emitted from computers and mobile screens which in long term are capable of retinal damage. These are best for people who have a high screen time as the lenses permits the blue light from penetrating the eyeglasses and prevents premature damage to the eyes. These lenses also help I managing sleep cycle indirectly and help us focus efficiently on our work. On our website these lenses are available at an affordable price of $15.99.


I’ll provide you some facts about us in order to convince you for choosing us and believing that we are a trusted online  eyewear store.

  • We offer free delivery
  • It’s our aim to offer you best price possible
  • Your personal data is safe and secure
  • We are available 24hr for customer service
  • We use advanced technology to make your lenses

Contact us on  –

Email – [email protected]

Contact number – +64 224665405

Follow our Instagram page for regular updates-

Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses
Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses

See you soon!

Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses
Eyewear Store in Australia -PapaGlasses
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Round Frame Glasses

round frame glasses

Round Frame Glasses have dragged back into trend for good. Stands out because of their unique circular shape lens, round frame glasses offers a classic look with a touch of modern and contemporary style. Round frame glasses are in the race to become 2024 most demanding frame in the Pacific.

The Boldness of Round Frame Glasses

So, what exactly is hype about round frame glasses that giving them the popularity? For beginners, the round shape is beautiful and elegant. It indulge well with facial angles/curves and goes well for round shape face structure. Round frames also gives vibes of charming geeky-lad, adding a dash of personality.Their curvy lines create a softer aesthetic than the sharp edges of rectangular or cat-eye frames.

Round frames also represent decent and approachable personality, think of “Harry Potter” from the series Harry Potter. His friendly personality shows intelligence and creativity. In today’s era, these are attractive qualities for any individual that want to come across as responsible and authentic.

Spotlight offers tremendous value along with trendy, and high specification specs. Our round frame options artistically indulge classic design with eye catching colours and latest lens technology. Some highlights:

The “Ice” Round Frame: Available in 8 different colour option. Especially designed for those who dare to standout in the from the rest of the society. Ice frames include features “Light weight, Semi-Flexible, Classy, perfect face fit, anti-scratch, etc.

The “Rocky”: Hand designed sunglasses for bold and stylish look. Wear them for casual for professional catch-up to get extra confidence.

The “Warm Look” Frames:Bold, medium-sized acetate and metal round frames available in tortoiseshell, translucent, and solid colours to co-ordinate with any wardrobe.

The “Romeo” and “Wonder” Frames: Metal-framed rounds with flat tops and rivet accents for a cool, light weight take on the classic O shape.

The Future of Round Frame Glasses:

As eyewear continues to become important part of every costume we wear. Contemporary brands have fully respected the round specs aesthetic, breathing new life into vintage round shape. And as time has proven, iconic silhouettes like round glasses speak to an enduring knowledge of style. Their staying power persists across decades.

In many ways, the circles have realigned once again to bring round eyewear frames back to the forefront. Today’s iterations feel both familiar and forward-thinking. With so many options now on the market across various price points, everyone can discover the perfect pair of circles. So in keeping with the cyclical nature of fashion, flattering, creative round frames are back in focus – and sure to remain for years to come.

Follow us on social media for updates about promotions and new Frames.

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Transition Eyewear, The Evolution and it’s 4 Super-Benefits

Transition Eyewear

In a world where technological advancements continue to shape our daily lives, innovation in even the most mundane aspects can significantly enhance our experiences. One such innovation that has revolutionized the way we perceive the world around us is transition eyewear, specifically equipped with photochromatic lenses. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly adapts to varying light conditions, providing wearers with optimal vision and protection. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating realm of transition eyewear, exploring its history, functionality, and the myriad benefits it brings to those who wear it.

The Evolution of Transition Eyewear:

Transition eyewear, often referred to as photochromatic glasses, has come a long way since its inception. Initially developed in the 1960s, these glasses were a breakthrough in the eyewear industry, offering wearers the convenience of a single pair of glasses that could adapt to different lighting conditions. The early versions, however, had limitations, taking longer to transition and not achieving full darkness in bright sunlight.

Fast forward to the present day, and transition eyewear has undergone significant advancements. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and innovative materials, modern photochromatic lenses are more responsive, transitioning rapidly between clear and tinted states. This evolution has made them an indispensable accessory for individuals seeking both functionality and style in their eyewear.

Functionality of Photochromic Lenses:

The magic behind transition eyewear lies in the photochromatic lenses, which contain special molecules that react to UV light. When exposed to sunlight, these molecules undergo a chemical reaction that causes the lenses to darken. Conversely, when the UV light diminishes, such as when indoors or during cloudy days, the lenses gradually return to their clear state.

This automatic adaptation to changing light conditions ensures wearers have optimal vision at all times. It eliminates the need for carrying multiple pairs of glasses or constantly switching between prescription sunglasses and regular eyeglasses. The seamless transition from clear to tinted lenses enhances the overall visual experience while protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Transition Eyewear:

  1. Versatility: Transition eyewear seamlessly adapts to various lighting conditions, providing wearers with a versatile and convenient solution for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  2. UV Protection: Photochromatic lenses offer UV protection, safeguarding the eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This is particularly crucial in preventing conditions such as cataracts and other UV-related eye issues.
  3. Reduced Eye Strain: The automatic adjustment of the lenses helps reduce eye strain caused by sudden changes in light. This is especially beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods outdoors or those who work in environments with varying light conditions.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: Transition eyewear eliminates the need for multiple pairs of glasses, potentially saving users money on purchasing and maintaining separate prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Transition eyewear has undoubtedly transformed the eyewear landscape, offering wearers a dynamic and practical solution for vision correction and eye protection. As we continue to prioritize convenience and innovation in our daily lives, the evolution of transition eyewear stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment to enhancing our experiences through technological advancements. So, whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, a busy professional, or someone who simply values clear vision, consider making the transition to photochromatic lenses and embrace a clearer, more adaptive way of seeing the world.

Explore the world of adaptive eyewear with Papaglasses’ Photochromic Lenses. Click on the link to discover a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly adjusts to changing light conditions. These lenses undergo a transformation, darkening in bright sunlight and returning to clarity indoors. Ideal for those who crave convenience and style, Papaglasses’ Photochromic Lenses provide all-day comfort while ensuring your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays. Dive into the details of this innovative eyewear technology and step into a realm where your glasses effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing brightness of your surroundings. Visit for a clearer perspective.